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Lost and insecure, you found me.

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About Jen
Female. California. Photoshop. TV shows - LOST, The OC, Prison Break, Friends, etc. Very friendly. Laugh easily. Comments are love :)

Story behind "ochino" - I used to be OBSESSED with a little show called "The OC", mainly with Ryan Atwood aka Ben McKenzie. Ryan was from Chino. I put OC and Chino together and came up with OChino or ochino. Used to use this name on a forum and never thought of another name to change it to.

Story behind "rockthecreek" - My very first television obsession was another little show called "Dawson's Creek". Yes, that's right, Dawson's Creek. What can I say? I was a sucker for a good teen drama. One of the characters, also named Jen, said that she was the girl that "rocked the creek". That's where it came from. I used this name on LJ for a little bit and it is now my screen name on FF. Again, can't really think of anything else to change it to, so it'll probably stay the same.


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